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There are plenty of articles preaching the virtues of saving up for your retirement sooner rather than later. Your early twenties are better than thirties, and thirties is still better than forties. …

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Coming from a technical background, rules, structures and accuracy are important to me. These things make the world go round. Without them, there won’t be bridges, high rise buildings, cars, planes or the internet.

Ironically, when it comes to writing, people no longer care about rules, structures and accuracy. If…

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I love food, and luckily I love to cook too. So instead of spending a fortune dining out, I spend much of my spare time watching cooking videos, hoping to get inspirations on what to cook next.

I have picked out five most significant foods that marked the different milestones…

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I frequently find myself consumed with day to day life, I forget to take a moment to look back at all the things worth remembering.

It’s easy to do in today’s hectic lifestyles. There’s always something urgent to attend to, always someone who needs 10 minutes of your time, every…

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I wrote this article in the hope it will inspire people to learn the safe way to invest in the stock market via funds, and not let the lack of investment knowledge be the start of money troubles after you come into any kind of windfall.

I was inspired by…

Chinese Arch in London Chinatown (Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash)

Recently while having a virtual chat with my Chinese colleagues, I asked the question why there are hardly any Chinese people in senior leadership roles in the UK and most of Western countries. Be it in politics, in media, in business, or non profits groups. …

Largely Restless

I love cooking, personal finance, writing, and most of all — learning. Published in The Startup, The Capital, Making of A Millionaire.

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